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BWT’s In-Line Filtration System

Bestmax Water Filtration SystemsBWT’s in-line filtration system will extend your espresso machine's life and help ensure you never have to descale. Designed specifically for low volume environments, the Bestmax filter will trap coarse particles, eliminate oxidants, remove hardening minerals and chlorine, all while adding magnesium back into the water.

Simply put, the filter is removing the particles that will build up in your boiler, shorten the life of your machine and give your espresso an unpleasant taste. Magnesium is a “flavor carrying” particle, so it’s re-addition to your water will bring out the flavor in your cup.

To get started, you will need:

Also available are:

The filter head is reusable, so you’ll only need one, and the filter cartridge is good for 12 months. The hose is specially retrofitted to connect to the European threading on your machine and to connect to your waterline you’ll just need an S” line.

The optional relief valve will purge any residual air from the line, and the Aquameter can be programmed with your water hardness level, allowing it to count down to indicate exactly when your filter needs to be replaced. This meter is a nice addition because although the filter is designed to last for 12 months, it’s possible that your particular water can be more or less hard. If it’s less, great, you get a bit more life out of your filter; if it’s more, great, you know to change it earlier so your machine is always protected.

Overall, with an extended life expectancy and improved taste, the BWT filtration system is a great addition to your setup.

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