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Choosing an espresso machine based on volume

How-To Choose A Espresso Machine

Today's customers want and expect a great tasting, beautiful cup of coffee! Achieving a perfect coffee relies on many factors from quality coffee beans to top staff training, but choosing an easy to use espresso machine that consistently delivers outstanding coffee is the key (at least from our perspective!).

Choosing an espresso machine based on volume:

Understanding your peak coffee volume per day and per hour is vital. We recommend spending a week or two tracking how many coffees you sell each day, but also whether your sales bunch up into a short period, for example in the early morning or over lunch. This data should include in-shop and to-go orders.

Once you have this information you can make an educated decision about how many group heads you’ll need on your machine and the required boiler capacity.


  • Up to 150 coffees per day | Max 30 coffees per hour | consider a two-group, single-boiler machine
  • 150 – 400 coffees per day | Max 60 coffees per hour | consider a two-group, multi-boiler machine
  • 400+ coffees per day | Max 90 coffees per hour | consider a three-group, multi-boiler machine

If you’ve not opened your establishment yet we recommend visiting other local coffee shops to get an idea on foot traffic, drive-thru traffic, and so-on. Your local small business sector may also have data you can reference. 



Choosing an espresso machine based on volume

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