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What Is The Mazzer S Line?

Espresso Grinders Mazzer

The Mazzer S Line preserves your beans' fresh roaster flavor. These grinders are equipped for higher speed, IoT technology and conical burrs. The S Line is designed for high-volume cafes.

S Line Grinders Feature:

  • Greater control of the ground coffee thanks for the GFC (Grind Flow Control) system
  • Tailor-made cooling system for preserving coffee's aromas
  • New electronic features
  • Attention to barista ergonomics

The Grind Flow Control (GFC) is composed of a removable aluminum outlet insert equipped with extractable interchangeable wire dampers to get more control over the flow of coffee throughout the chute.

  • It reduces the static charge of the coffee ground
  • It avoids clumping
  • It improves the dose consistency
  • It allows ease of cleaning

Mazzer GFC Feature


Premium coffee grinder for medium to large cafes looking for quality, durability, and consistent results. The Kony S features low RPM (revolutions per minute) that is possible thanks to the reduction gear mechanism. This protects your coffee beans from temperature exposure and preserves the aromas of your coffee.

Mazzer Kony S Grinder


The Robur S is a high-performance grinder built for high-volume coffee shops. The improved geometrics and new technical solutions allow reduced coffee retention by up to 52%.

What does this mean?

  • Less purging when you change the grind setting saves coffee and time
  • Ensures the coffee in the grinding chamber is fresh which preserves the aromas

Mazzer Robur S Grinder


The Kold S is the fastest of the S Line and is designed to protect your coffee beans from temperature exposure and preserves the aromas of your coffee.

How is this done?

  • Belt-driven transmission to keep the heat generated by the motor away from the grind chamber
  • Max speed with low RPM that's possible thanks for the Reduction Gear mechanism
  • The head and body are separate to ensure better dispersion of the heat of the motor

Mazzer Kold S Grinder

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