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Spotlight On: Mazzer Luigi Grinders

Astoria Grinder Mazzer

Mazzer grinder dosers and coffee grinders are distributed in 90 countries worldwide, and are well known for quality, durability, and design.  The company is present throughout the entire technological process and the reliability of its components is internationally appreciated.  The Mazzer brand reinvests 15% of total sales back into innovation of their products.  They operate nearly a 140,000 square foot factory in Italy.

The Mazzer Super Jolly commercial grinder doser may be Mazzer's best-selling grinder but they offer something for every espresso enthusiast.

  • Mazzer Robur - This grinder-doser features conical grinding blades and slow speed rotation suitable for high consumption.
  • Major Electronic - This is an electronic grinder-doser with flat blades suitable for medium/high consumption.
  • Major Automatic - This grinder-doser features flat blades suitable for medium/high consumption.  The automatic model will start every 12 doses and stop when the doser is full.

Every coffee bean has its own aroma, its own flavor.  Mazzer works to preserve them in the coffee you ground: this is the reason why they use only the very best materials to build their grinders, this is why they can guarantee their grinders are carefully built, this is why they use only the very best technology to build their blades.

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