Bunn Refresh®


Expand your beverage menu with profitable, custom-crafted still, and carbonated filtered water infusions. Still and sparkling premium quality water from Bunn.

About Bunn Sparkling Water:

BUNN refresh creates a delicate balance of purified, cold water and a precise “light” level of carbonation for optimal absorption of flavors and ingredients.

With the precise balance provided by BUNN refresh, purified water absorbs more aroma and flavor molecules, delivering a better taste profile - while remaining consistent throughout the day, regardless of your volume.

Refresh Tower with Pull Handles

This option has sleek design features ideal for front-of-the-house settings, complete with elegant tap handles that allow the user to comfortably control their dispense.

Refresh Tower with Portion Control

Another tower with convenient portion buttons instead of tap handles, allowing small, medium, and large dispenses of still and sparkling water.

Refresh Countertop with Portion Control

This option provides deliciously purified still or sparkling water from a narrow counter-top design. Convenient portion buttons allow small, medium, and large dispenses.


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