Hot Chocolate & Cappuccino Dispensers


Hot Chocolate & Cappuccino Dispensers

Almost every commercial hot chocolate maker uses water and powdered mix to instantly make hot beverages. You’ll also find models that are similar to urns and will hold your pre-made hot chocolate. Choose from options of various capacities, to find a smaller commercial hot chocolate machine for your low-volume establishment or a high-capacity cappuccino dispenser for your large office building. These machines also feature decorative images on their fronts to inform customers of the contents inside. 

Whether you’re looking for a hot chocolate dispenser with a single hopper, or you want one with multiple hoppers so you can serve several flavors from the same machine, we have you covered. You’ll also appreciate that these dispensers eliminate a lot of the prep work required by employees since many of them make the product automatically. Simply set your dispenser out on your self-serve counter, and let customers serve themselves. For other necessary supplies for drink service, check out our paper hot cups, coffee cup sleeves, and stirrers.


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