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Coffee Shop Calculator

How much does it cost to open a coffee shop?


Calculate the Equipment Cost to Start a Coffee Shop

How much does coffee shop equipment cost? You can use our calculator to generate a list of coffee shop equipment with prices.

Voltage’s Coffee Shop Calculator will ask five simple questions about the type of coffee shop you intend to open. With these answers, the calculator will generate recommended equipment based on your individual needs and provide the overall cost for equipment to open a coffee shop for your business’ profile. Every product that is recommended through this calculator has been carefully hand selected by our staff. You will be able to save your calculator results and come back to your calculator anytime to make edits.

Operating a coffee bar requires a wide variety of machines and tools to satisfy customer’s expectations and our goal is to help simplify this process by providing you with this easy to use tool. Cost ranges and recommendations will include commercial espresso machines, commercial coffee makers, espresso and coffee grinders, and other coffee shop equipment based on the profile and objectives of your café.

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