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Ship Your Equipment


FedEx Packing and Shipping (Orders up to 75 lbs):

  1. Bring your item to your nearest FedEx location. Locations can be found at
  2. Give FedEx our account number for packing and shipping charges.
  3. You send the tracking number to confirm your shipment!

Please Note:

  • We will provide our account number once the offer to buy has been signed and accepted by you.
  • We only authorize standard ground shipping as the transit method. We are NOT responsible for items that arrive with expedited shipping charges.
  • All shipments require full insurance for the agreed upon amount.
  • If additional payment authorization is required for shipping costs, packing materials, etc., please call us at 1-800-269-0051 (call only).

    Freight Preparation (Oversized orders / heavy items):

    What you’ll need:

    • Pallet (Available free at loading docks behind department stores or large warehouses like Home Depot)
    • Boxes (Home Depot carries boxes of all sizes for less than $2/ea.)
    • Straps/Rope/Stretch-wrap (Home Depot carries ratcheting straps for $3/ea.)
    • Padding for delicate items


    Remove legs from heavy machines or secure wood underneath to be sure they will not slip through the pallet.  Cardboard can be cut to fit around over-sized items instead of boxing.  All machines MUST be drained before shipment. 

    1. Put each item in a box (use padding to separate and protect delicate items)
    2. Arrange boxes on a pallet and use straps/rope/stretch wrap to secure to the pallet. Ensure the product does not hang over the edge of the pallet.
    3. Send us a picture of the shipment ready for pickup for insurance purposes.
    4. Email to
    5. We will schedule a freight pickup from your location within 24 business hours!
    Please call or email with any questions - We look forward to working with you!
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