3 Way Solenoid Lucifer Valve Electrovalve 208-240v 50/60HZ-Voltage Coffee Supply™
3 Way Solenoid Lucifer Valve Electrovalve 208-240v 50/60HZ-Voltage Coffee Supply™
Voltage Coffee Supply

3 Way Solenoid Lucifer Valve Electrovalve 208-240v 50/60HZ

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  • Electrovalve, 3/2 Way UL 208-240V, 50/60HZ
  • Thread Size: 1/8" BSP
  • E131f4304 - Drain Ø 1/8" Conical - Max 10 Bar
  • Ruby Seal - Orifice Ø 2.5 Mm
  • With Coil 483510s6 9w 220/240v 50/60hz
  • Fluid Temperature -40°c+140°c
  • Includes one (1) part
  • Industry professional installation and setup required
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

What is a 3-Way Solenoid Valve?

A three-way solenoid valve is electrically actuated, typically by way of an electromagnet pulling or pushing a metal piston up or down a tube. This allows the valve to selectively allow water to pass between two of its three connections, blocking flow in and out of the third. Most commonly, this produces the following conditions:

  1. Allow water to flow between The Brew Head and the Drain Port, blocking off the Boiler outlet.
  2. Allow water to flow between the Boiler to the Brew Head, closing off the Drain Port

When espresso machines equipped with a 3-way valve are sitting idle or unpowered, this valve sits in the first state; this allows water and air and water to flow freely between the brew head and the drip tray while keeping water neatly contained in the boiler. This keeps the brew head dry.

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Other compatible part numbers: Ascaso C..168 Ascaso C..278 Astoria CMA 18151 Astoria CMA 18153 Aurora-Brugnetti 000191 Bezzera 7702204 Brasilia 01947.4.00.08 Brugnetti-Aurora 000191 Carimali 92.01177 Casadio 533795610 Casadio 533795610R Casadio 533894600R Cimbali 530595300 Cimbali 530-595-300 Cimbali 533795600 Cimbali 533-795-600 Cimbali 533795610 Cimbali 533-795-610 Cimbali 533795610R Cimbali 533-795-610R Cimbali 533795910 Cimbali 533-795-910 Cimbali 533894600R Cimbali 533-894-600R Conti 407239 De Vecchi Giuseppe 8F136 Faema 2441119275 Faema 2445119275 Faema 533795610 Faema 533795610R Faema 533795910 Faema 533894600R Fast Ricambi 370.053 Fiorenzato C.s. A1900003 Grimac 1160400053 Grimac A064 Grimac A1900003 Grimac AS117 Grimac BF070 Grimac C200 Grimac GR848 Grimac SM191 Grimac SP033 Grimac W220 Iberital 1818 Isomac 451276 Lavazza 10066180 LF 1120330 Nuova Ricambi 700301/22 Nuova Simonelli 04100017 Parker 471012 Parker 471013 Pavoni 0E912101800A Pavoni 451200 Pavoni 451209 Pavoni 451276 Promac 34040008 Rancilio 34040008 Reneka 9008257 San Marco 108063 San Marco CCEELE0070 Synesso 1.2460 Unic PI-45 Victoria Arduino 04100017 Wega WY18151 Wega WY18151000

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