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Image of Bravura Press Automated French Press - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of Bravura Press Automated French Press - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of Bravura Press Automated French Press - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of Bravura Press Automated French Press - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of Bravura Press Automated French Press - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of Bravura Press Automated French Press - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of Bravura Press Automated French Press - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of Bravura Press Automated French Press - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Bravura Press

Bravura Press Automated French Press

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Bravura Press is the world’s first commercial automated French Press coffee brewer. 

"Roasters cup their fresh roasted coffee using full-immersion to experience the fullest and truest nature of their coffee's flavor.  Which is why we developed a product that could offer our customers the same experience"                                                                                      Julie Spitzley -Founder/President Bravura Press 


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The Bravura Press was developed by a coffee roaster who wanted a commercial brewer that would help their coffee taste as deep and rich at a restaurant as it did at the roastery cupping table. Current drip brewer baskets are frequently not clean, passing stale taste to every pot, even though the coffee may be fresh. Their paper filters and above-coffee grounds baskets keep the deep flavor profiles from ever reaching the cup.


  • Green/ less energy consumption.  The unique heat system makes Bravura Press time competitive to like-sized drip brewers while lowering energy output. The Bravura Press has an energy saving heat system that saves an average coffee shop around 20% over the current ‘save mode’ of other commercial brewers.
  • Built to last.  Maintenance and servicing is minimal.  The Bravura Press will make your servicing agents happy as their time will be spent on scheduled checks and much less on emergency calls.
  • Coffee in the Bravura Press touches only stainless steel, with the exception of the medical grade silicone wipers.  
  • Easy to clean.  Most of the cleaning happens as you prepare for the next batch of coffee.  The Patented removable bottom with side wiper system takes the mess out of clean-up.  
  • Able to brew over 100 cups of pressed coffee/hour.  
  • It is a beautiful and unique piece of art with front of the house display design that would make any owner proud.
  • Faster customer turnaround of excellently brewed, full flavor, rich coffee in cafes.
  • Faster table turnover at restaurants.
  • Less employee time making individual French Press in low volume creates more time for employees to do other necessary things, and spend more time with patrons.   It can make 12 cups in approximately 6.5 minutes, versus 12 cups in an average of 9 minutes from the competitor.
  • Upcharge opportunity which increases ROI significantly more than drip brewers and single or small volume techniques.
  • Diverse menu options.  Ability to stay in front of or on trend. Healthy additions while brewing coffee is an upcoming way of life for those who do not drink black coffee. With the new MCT oil and ghee addition craze to coffee, Bravura Press is the only commercial brew system that allows for that to be done quickly for the busy customers in line. It also is possible to add spices, herbs and other natural additions to actually brew coffee drinks. 
  • Nothing busy or confusing.
  • Options for control panel are: Half pot, Full pot, Start.
  • Options for hot water tap are: Start, Dispense.
  • User presses coffee manually when light turns on, and dispenses the coffee into an airpot in seconds with the simple twist of a knob.
  • To clean: user releases the bottom grounds chamber to dispense spent grounds and reloads same chamber with fresh grounds before reattaching to Bravura Press.
  • UL certified for both safety and sanitation
  • Patented and may have one or more other patents pending
  • Easy click-on click-off wiper screens that can be changed between different coffees to maintain pureness of each brew.


  • Width: 11 1⁄2 inches
  • Depth: 24 1⁄4 inches
  • Height: 27 3⁄4 inches
  • Operational Width: 14 7⁄8 inches
  • Operational Depth: 27 3⁄4 inches
  • Operational Height: 31 1⁄4 inches
  • Amps: 30
  • Hertz: 60
  • Phase: 1
  • Voltage: 240
  • Wattage: 6000
  • Capacity: 3L
  • Output: 27L per hour
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Part Number: 1000BW3L
  • User Manual

PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to all spec sheets and manuals for details and specific installation requirements. Contact your electrician for help ensuring your equipment’s electrical specifications are right for your business.

Installation Package includes up to 5 hours of certified technician service labor. We will provide a certified technician for your area. 


  1. Plumbing, drain, and electrical must be in place and complete per the manufacturer's installation specs before installation.
  2. Water filtration is required and not included in the installation package.

The installation package does not include general construction services (including but not limited to electrical wiring, water and drain plumbing, drilling countertops, the installation of other equipment, etc.). Additional travel costs may be required for locations outside of major metro areas.

PLEASE NOTE: The images are for representation only. 

WARRANTY: 1 Year parts and 30-days labor warranty.

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