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Bunn 54060.0000 Primary Nitrogen Regulator Kit

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The primary Nitrogen Regulator Kit is designed for locations that have limited space but still require a Nitrogen pressure regulator for their NITRON Cold Draft dispenser. The regulator is assembled to be installed directly onto a high-pressure Nitrogen cylinder and to connect the regulator to the dispenser.

  • Works with your Bunn 51600.0000 Nitro cold draft coffee dispenser
  • Connects to a high-pressure nitrogen cylinder
  • Includes regulator, gas line assembly, flare fitting, and CGA580 fitting
  • 2" diameter gauges
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Safely and effectively control the flow of nitrogen to your Bunn 51600.0000 Nitron cold draft coffee dispenser with this Bunn 54060.0000 primary nitrogen regulator kit! This kit includes a double gauge regulator, 6' gas line, and a 1/4" female flare fitting with washer, making it easy to connect to your dispenser.

A CGA580 nitrogen fitting connects to your cylinder valve and is designed to work without washers, saving you money on replacement parts. The easy-to-read, 2" diameter gauges measure the pressure of nitrogen going into your unit, as well as the amount of gas left in your nitrogen cylinder, while a spring-loaded pressure relief valve prevents over-pressurization of your regulator.

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