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Curtis WC-3621-101-P Alpha Brew Basket Funnel with Splash Pocket-Voltage Coffee Supply
Wilbur Curtis

Curtis WC-3621-101-P Alpha Brew Basket Funnel with Splash Pocket

Regular price $65.00
  • New condition
  • Black plastic construction
  • Features handle for easy maneuvering
  • Orange pocket labeled "Hot Coffee" prevents scalding water from splashing
  • Replaces original brew basket
  • Designed for use with select coffee brewing systems
  • Great for use with decanters and airpots
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Compatible with: TLP, GEM-120A-10, D500GTH63A000, D500GTH12A000, D1000GT63A000, D1000GT12A000, D1000GT63A000, D1000GT12A000, D1000GH62A000, D1000GH13A000, CGC1, CAFE0PP10A000, CAFE0PP30A000, CAFE3DB10A000, CAFE2DB10A000, CAFE1DB10A000, ALP6GTN63A000, ALP6GT63A000, ALP5GT63A000, ALP5GT12A000, ALP3GTR63A000, ALP3GTR12A000, ALP3GTL63A000, ALP3GTL12A000, ALP3GT63A800, ALP3GT63A000, ALP2GT12A000, ALP2GT12A000, ALP1GT12A000

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