Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine – Voltage Coffee Supply
Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine - Voltage Coffee Supply
Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine - Voltage Coffee Supply
Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine - Voltage Coffee Supply

Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Regular price $11,700.00
  • New
  • Suitable for: Demand Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Medium-Size Offices & Locations
  • 1 step machines will add milk to milk-based beverages automatically (requires a milk cooler)
  • 2 step machines require the user to steam the milk using the built-in Auto-Steam
  • Touch screen display
  • Easycream technology
  • Greater productivity
  • Approximately 13" wide
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Volts: 220 (voltage range of 208-240)
  • Prontobar Spec Sheet
  • Prontobar Brochure
  • Industry professional installation and setup required
  • Proper water filtration required (sold separately)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  • The Prontobar is made up of a plethora of features, settings, and high performance parts to deliver a meaningful experience.
  • With the introduction of the new pump on the Prontobar it delivers quiet operation during delivery and increasing productivity. The pump also allows the Pentobar to optimize the texture of the cream, as well as the dispensed volume.
  • Prontobar has a metal thermo-compensated delivery group which guarantees maximum precision for temperature control leading to consistent quality. Furthermore, refining the shape of some group components ensures improved operability and durability.
  • The grinders are made with new technology and special types of steel, so they last longer. They are manufactured to be robust ensuring effective grinding and they are designed to be sufficiently flexible to absorb operational vibrations.
  • The electronic Prontobar is improved with new features that provide greater control of the movement of the group and make it even easier to maintain.


  • The Prontobar touch comes standard with a digital touch display that can be sorted and programmed to make the drink of your choice, insuring a variety of choice.
  • Using the touch display one can program the dose, brewing temp, steam temp and group temp.
  • The automatic washing program, saves time especially at the end of a work day.
  • The machine’s automatic on-and-off time setting along with a standby function, saves energy and the planet.
  • Setting the tamping force has never been easier using the display.

The Prontobar Touch is the super-automatic machine for those looking for the newest in espresso technology. Delivering high quality beverages at the simple press of a button make this machine ideal for coffee shops and restaurants alike.

Free Shipping - Voltage Restaurant Supply Free Shipping & Free Installation

Shipping lead time is 1-2 weeks. This is a free shipping, freight only item and must ship to a lower 48 address to qualify.

Installation Package and Platinum Warranty Included! The full package includes:

  • Single Point of Contact for all Service Needs
  • Receive and Inspect Machine for Damage
  • Bench Test Machine
  • Installation Coordination of Facilities
  • Water Quality/Clarity Test
  • Professional Installation*
  • Equipment Maintenance Training
  • 24 Hour Business Day Response
  • Automatic Warranty Claim Processing
  • Free Installation of Water Softening System
  • Guaranteed No Freight Damage
  • Lifetime Warranty on Copper Boilers
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty**
  • 1 Courtesy/Nuisance Call
  • 1 Preventive Maintenance for Traditional - Parts Included
  • 3 Preventive Maintenance for Supers - Parts Included

*Beyond Point Charges: If Nuova Distribution USA does not have a service technician within 3 hours driving time of the install location, extra travel charges will apply.

*Overtime charges: Installation must occur during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM). Additional charges will apply for installations outside of regular business hours.

**All service plans include the Standard Dealer Warranty - 2-year parts warranty on espresso equipment and 1-year parts warranty on other equipment.

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