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Schaerer 67068 Level Probe with O-Ring 3370067068-Voltage Coffee Supply™

Schaerer 67068 Level Probe with O-Ring 3370067068

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  • New
  • Schaerer 67068 3370067068 Level Probe
  • Ambiente, Coffee Art Plus, Coffee Art Plus TouchIT, Verismo 701
  • Includes one (1) probe
  • Industry professional installation required 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


The water level in the boiler is maintained by using a number of different components. The water level probe, also called liquid level probe or the auto-fill probe, is the most simple component of the system: a stainless steel rod which penetrates the boiler and contacts the surface of the water inside the boiler. Though very simple, it is often the cause of most autofill problems. A lack of continuity on the level probe will give a false reading and lead to fill issues. Removing the level probe, checking for continuity, and correcting the continuity issue (if there is one) will rectify many problems.

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