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Mahlkonig E65S GBW Espresso Grinder Product Overview


The Mahlkonig E65S GBW (Grind by Weight) espresso grinder is at the forefront of precision grinding, offering a combination of features designed to meet the needs of coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its grind-by-weight functionality is a standout feature, ensuring each dose is weighed accurately for consistent extraction. It represents a significant step forward from traditional timed dosing methods, where consistency can be compromised by variations in bean density and size.

This grinder provides user-friendly adjustment settings, allowing for fine-tuning of your grind size. The innovative stepless adjustment system offers infinite play between grind sizes, enabling you to achieve the perfect particle size for any given espresso bean. The inclusion of a high-resolution display and clear user interface contributes to the seamless operation, making it readily accessible to users of different skill levels.

With a solid build and sleek design, the Mahlkonig E65S GBW is not just functional but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to any coffee bar or kitchen. It is designed to operate quietly, reducing noise in environments where the ambiance is key. The device's attention to detail ensures that the coffee grounds are exposed to minimal heat, preserving their flavor and aroma during the grinding process.

Grinding Capabilities

The Mahlkönig E65S GBW espresso grinder offers precise grind size adjustments, advanced burr technology, and remarkable grind consistency for exceptional espresso extraction.

Grind Size Adjustments

With its stepless adjustment system, users can fine-tune the grind size with precision. The grinder features a distinctive 'Disc Distance Detection’ system, allowing for easy recording and replication of grind settings.

  • Stepless adjustment: Infinite settings for exact calibration
  • Disc Distance Detection: Records the actual distance between the burrs

Burr Technology

The grinder is equipped with 65mm flat steel burrs that are engineered for longevity and unparalleled grinding. It operates with a robust motor that maintains a cool and consistent grinding temperature.

  • Flat steel burrs: 65mm in size
  • Cool grinding: Reduced heat generation

Grind Consistency

Consistency is the cornerstone of the E65S GBW, delivering uniform coffee grounds for balanced flavor. The grinder's design minimizes retention, ensuring freshness and consistency shot after shot.

  • Uniform grounds: For balanced taste
  • Low retention: Fresh grounds every time

Build Quality and Design

The Mahlkönig E65S GBW showcases exceptional build quality and a contemporary design, standing as a testament to the brand's commitment to durability and aesthetic appeal in their high-end espresso grinders.

Materials and Construction

The E65S GBW is constructed with robust materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The grinder's body is comprised of heavy-duty aluminum, which provides a sturdy frame that resists wear and tear. Internally, it features stainless steel burrs with a 65mm diameter for precise grinding, alongside premium-grade motor and gear components to sustain the demands of frequent usage.

User Interface

Sophistication meets functionality in the user interface of the grinder. A high-resolution 2.65" color display offers clear readability and assists users in navigating options with ease. It provides intuitive controls via a straightforward menu, allowing for quick adjustments and selection of grind profiles. The interface includes options for:

  • Grind time adjustment
  • Programming of recipes
  • Real-time grinding monitoring

Footprint and Aesthetics

The design of the E65S GBW demands attention with its slim 7.7 inch width and a modest footprint that fits comfortably in professional and home settings. It stands at nearly 23 inches in height, allowing for easy placement under cabinets. Mahlkönig has chosen a sleek, matte-black finish to complement a range of environments, making the E65S GBW not only a functional asset but also a striking visual addition to any coffee station.

Innovative Features

The Mahlkonig E65S GBW espresso grinder introduces precision technology designed to enhance the coffee grinding experience for both baristas and coffee aficionados. From gravimetric dosage to a robust ventilation system, each feature is engineered for optimal performance and consistency.

Gravimetric Grinding

The E65S GBW offers gravimetric grinding technology, which provides exceptional accuracy by measuring the grounds by weight directly in the portafilter. This eliminates the inconsistencies commonly associated with time-based dosing.

  • Accuracy: Measures grounds to within +/- 0.1 grams.
  • Consistency: Ensures each espresso shot contains the exact amount of coffee.

Ventilation System

A state-of-the-art ventilation system is built into the grinder to keep the operating temperature stable, which is crucial for preserving the flavor profile of the coffee.

  • Temperature Management: Prevents heat from affecting the coffee grounds.
  • Longevity: Reduces wear on the grinder's components.

Adjustable Spout

The grinder features an adjustable spout, which allows users to adapt the grinder to different portafilter sizes, ensuring minimal retention and spillage.

  • Flexibility: Fits a range of portafilter sizes.
  • Reduced Waste: Minimizes coffee grind spillage and retention.

The Mahlkonig E65S GBW espresso grinder offers unmatched control, even in the busiest environments while maintaining a user-friendly experience. If you have any questions about the E65S GBW, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to talk all things coffee and espresso, and we would be glad to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Written by James Baxter

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