How to Choose a Commercial Grinder?

How-To Choose A Grinder Mazzer Puqpress

Business Considerations:  After you have chosen your espresso machine, your next big decision is the grinder. Here we’ll discuss the main key points of difference among grinders to help you make your selection.

  • Burr Shape:  Commercial espresso grinders use either conical or flat burrs: grooved metal plates that grind coffee beans into small particles. In general, conical burrs grind coffee faster than flat burrs. Different taste profiles can also be created by conical or flat burrs. It is best to try your coffee with both and choose the one that gives you the preferred mix of taste profile and speed.  Conical & Flat Burrs →
  • Motor Placement: Within the body of the grinder, the motor that moves the burrs might be located either directly below the burrs (direct drive) or in the back of the grinder, connected to the burrs by a belt (belt-drive). Motor placement affects heat transmission during the grinding process.
    • Direct Drive:  Smaller footprint, but bigger temperature variability. Stepless collar grind adjustment.
    • Belt Drive:  Larger footprint, smaller temperature variability. Stepless knob grind adjustment.
  • Delivery Method:
    • Doser:  Doser grinders use a chamber to collect coffee grounds, which the barista doses manually into the portafilter. Can be used for on-demand delivery by constantly pulling the paddle during grinding, or for pre-grinding and dosing consistent volumes of coffee in high-volume shops.  Doser Grinders
    • Electronic:  Electronic grinders dose freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter either on-demand or based on a programmed grind time.  Electronic Grinders
  • Auto-Tamp: Auto-tamping technology increases speed and consistency while also decreasing the chance for barista injuries caused by tamping.
    • A Puqpress allows any café or coffee service to add auto-tamping to their workflow. The Puqpress is a stand-alone auto-tamping device that can sit beside any grinder. It enables the café to design its flow and control consistency by setting tamp pressure.  Puqpress Automatic Tampers

Commercial Espresso Grinders

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