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A Look at the Mazzer S & V Series Espresso Grinders

Espresso Grinders Mazzer

Every day, over a million Mazzer coffee grinders are working in tandem with over a million baristas to help deliver coffee beverages to people worldwide. Sitting in more than 100 countries on 5 continents, Mazzer is a commercial cafe staple. Even if you’ve never worked behind an espresso bar, the chances of you never having seen a Mazzer grinder are slim-to-none, and for very good reason.

Mazzer is a family-owned company that started production of coffee grinders and burrs over 70 years ago just outside of Venice, Italy. The company’s primary focus has always been one that prioritizes the manufacturing of durable, reliable coffee grinders. The only quality on which Mazzer might place more emphasis is innovation, and this has never been more clear than it is with the S and V Series grinders and the upgrades that they bring to the table.

What’s New About the Mazzer S & Mazzer V Grinders?

At The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) exhibition in 2018, Mazzer rolled out the first updates for their S Series grinders in the form of the Robur S Electronic. Except for the motor and the burr set, Mazzer completely redesigned the popular, high-volume espresso grinder. A re-engineering overhaul of the grinding chamber and its inner geometry have resulted in a massive drop in retained coffee grounds by 52%. Mazzer also implemented a revamped grind adjustment mechanism that includes what’s being called the “Memory Track” system, which is a numerical ring that slides independently of the adjustment collar ring. This allows the user to see the point at which the burrs begin to touch for a simpler dialing-in process.

What’s more, the Robur S’ upper burr assembly has undergone a redesign by Mazzer, allowing for the complete removal of the threaded collar while the upper burr remains intact. This ensures that the precise setting is preserved while providing access to the chamber for cleaning purposes, completely mitigating the need for the user to dial their chosen espresso in after regular maintenance.

Perhaps the most obvious revision to the Mazzer Robur S is the new digital interface that sits atop the grinding chamber. This offers three different timed settings, adjustable down to the 1/100 of a second that are specifically designed for single, double, or triple shots. Additionally, it incorporates a convenient pause feature that automatically stops the grinding process, allowing baristas to tap the portafilter to ensure the grinds settle before the dose finishes grinding automatically. New, dual-cooling fans have also been integrated into the S Series grinders to keep heat away from the burr set for a more reliable coffee particle size during long rushes.

It boasts wireless capabilities that sync with an accompanying app to deliver data to handheld devices. This includes the total number of doses ground overall and in each profile, burr maintenance and cleaning needs, and is available in over 90 languages. While all of these improvements are incredibly impressive in the own rights, one of Mazzer’s most exciting updates is presented in the form of the Grind Flow Control (GFC) system.

What is the Grind Flow Control System?

Mazzer understood that coffee retained in their grinders could lead to cross-contamination and could cause ground espresso to stale, as well as produce inconsistent doses. After years of research and development to combat these issues, Mazzer introduced the Grind Flow Control system with the release of the Robur S in 2018 and would implement this system to all of their upcoming releases. This process utilizes an aluminum outlet insert that works in conjunction with the user’s choice of three different flow-through wire dampers that reduces the electrostatic charge inside the grinding chamber. Mazzer’s GFC system effectively reduces the static that accumulates during grinding and dispensing, resulting in improved particle uniformity and preventing clumping and spraying of grinds while enhancing dose consistency by minimizing retention.

Which Mazzer Grinders Have Been Updated?

As previously stated, Mazzer rolled out the S Series upgrades with the Robur S at SCA 2018; shortly thereafter, the Mazzer Kold was given the S Series treatment. At the 2019 World of Coffee event in Berlin, Mazzer showed off these same improvements on the long-standing, flat burr cafe workhorse that is the Major espresso grinder, now the Major V Electronic. At HostMilano 2021, the 50 year-old, iconic Super Jolly would also make an appearance with a facelift from Mazzer as the Super Jolly V Pro.

Subsequently, Mazzer has completed its updated line of S and V Series with the addition of the Robur S Automatic, the Kony S Electronic, the Major V Automatic, and the Super Jolly V Up Electronic and the Super Jolly V Up Automatic espresso grinders. This, ostensibly, has resulted in a complete revamp of Mazzer’s commercial espresso grinders.

Is There A Difference Between the S Series & the V Series?

The short answer is: yes and no. Both the Mazzer S Series and the V Series share the aforementioned updates to the grinders’ user interface, inner geometry, dual-cooling fans, wireless compatibility, and the implementation of both the Memory Track adjustment and Grind Flow Control systems. However, Mazzer’s S Series grinders house conical burrs while the V Series utilizes flat burrs for those looking for a thicker, more traditional espresso and cleaner, brighter shots, respectively.

Mazzer continues to be a go-to choice for commercial coffee environments, holding to their core values of designing and manufacturing durable, reliable, and innovative coffee grinders. Choosing a Mazzer means choosing unparalleled consistency in the most demanding environments.

If you have any questions about which Mazzer grinder would best suit your business, please contact us. We are always happy to talk all things coffee and espresso, and we would be thrilled to help you find the perfect grinder for you.

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