What is a Refurbished machine? - Voltage Restaurant Supply

What is a Refurbished Machine?

Recycling isn't just a concept applied to bottles and cans!  Voltage Restaurant Supply has a steady supply of used machines that we refurbish and sell at very competitive prices.

What is a Refurbished machine?

  • It's equipment that was used as a demo model, was returned to the manufacturer, or purchased secondhand from a working environment.
  • Our in-house refurbishing team takes the machines apart, rebuilds and replaces parts as needed, repairs, tests and then thoroughly cleans the equipment.
  • Refurbished equipment will not include the original manufacturer packaging and may not include any non-essential manufacturer-provided accessories.  Consumable items included with new equipment (such as water filters or hardness testing strips) will not be included.
  • Because this equipment is used, there may be aesthetic or cosmetic blemishes that cannot be repaired during refurbishment as seen in the product listing photos.
  • All equipment sold on voltagerestaurantsupply.com is 100% Guaranteed.