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The Victoria Arduino E1 Prima EXP: A New Take On a Classic Machine

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The Victoria Arduino E1 Prima EXP espresso machine represents a synthesis of elegance and efficiency, designed to meet the needs of modern coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. This innovative machine merges Victoria Arduino's century-long heritage with contemporary technology, creating an espresso machine that caters to both commercial and residential applications. With its compact size and advanced features, the E1 Prima EXP offers a premium brewing experience, encapsulating the rich history of espresso while bringing a completely new and fresh approach to brewing coffee with the new PureBrew functionality.

What is PureBrew?

PureBrew introduces a fresh approach to coffee extraction, free from the constraints of a traditional espresso machine. This innovative method, featuring a newly patented conical double-mesh filter, delivers the rich flavors of filter coffee with a unique twist not found in other extraction techniques.

Transitioning from espresso to PureBrew mode is seamless and efficient with the E1 Prima EXP and accompanying app. This cutting-edge technology empowers novice baristas to serve up top-notch filter coffee (Pure Brew) instantly, while seasoned professionals can fine-tune the machine to extract the most exquisite flavors for single or multiple coffees.

Once the fundamental settings dosage, volume, temperature, and total brewing time) are configured, it takes less than three minutes to achieve the most refined filter coffee. Different extraction profiles (light, medium, and dark) are offered based on the selected coffee. PureBrew ensures unwavering consistency once programmed, delivering the same quality cup after cup.

The Three Phases of Extraction

The three phases of PureBrew extraction ensure that all the sensory qualities of the filter coffee are preserved.


  • In order to preserve the rich aroma of coffee and prevent it from being diluted prematurely, it is essential to prepare the ground coffee properly. PureBrew achieves this by initiating blooming, where the appropriate amount of water is dispensed at a low frequency and intensity, ensuring optimal flavor extraction during infusion.

First Pour

  • Preserving the oils and fragrances of coffee requires maintaining a consistently low pressure. Achieving perfection in coffee preparation necessitates finding the right balance, without allowing for excessive or insufficient pressure.

Second Pour

  • Reducing the water frequency decreases the chances of extracting undesirable compounds that may result in the coffee having woody or astringent flavors. The final step in ensuring the ideal extraction is post-infusion control.

New Engine Optimization

The NEO (New Engine Optimization) engine introduces a fresh perspective on coffee extraction water heating, aiming to minimize energy consumption. By utilizing this advanced technology, the E1 Prima EXP can rapidly heat water and ensure exceptional performance, all while enhancing energy efficiency. The boilers are designed to be compact, insulated, and coated with an innovative material that effectively prevents energy wastage. This process is not only efficient but also user-friendly, allowing users to effortlessly set the desired temperature through the app while the machine's electronic system takes care of the rest, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the entire dispensing process.

More Steam, Less Time

E1 Prima EXP stands out from other machines in its category by featuring an electronic tap instead of a manual steam tap. The Steam-by-Wire system allows for precise control over steam dispensing, delivering steam at a pressure of up to 2.5 bar (compared to the standard 2.1 bar) with an impressive power/speed ratio. This results in the production of high-quality dry and saturated steam, perfect for quickly creating delicious milk froth. For instance, a pressure of 2 bar can heat 250g of milk (equivalent to two cappuccinos) in under 18 seconds. In addition to its high productivity, this machine offers excellent temperature stability even after short periods of time.

With aesthetics that are as refined as its performance, the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima EXP stands as a statement piece in any setting. The machine's sleek design, customizable panels, and minimalist footprint make it not only an appliance for making espresso but also a testament to the beauty and innovation inherent in the art of coffee. Whether for a bustling cafe or a discerning home barista, the E1 Prima EXP sets a new standard for what an espresso machine can be.

If you have any questions about the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima EXP, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to talk all things espresso and coffee, and we would be glad to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Written by James Baxter

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