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FRIIA contains an under-counter boiler and/or chiller and sleek countertop water dispense font. The boiler uses using vacuum insulated technology to maintain hot water and the chiller uses aluminium block technology for cold and sparkling water. The elegant countertop font takes up minimal counter-space, features stylish and modern LED lighting and has a premium, brushed metal finish. Marco's newest product is ideal for any offices, restaurants, self-serve environments, canteen, gym, college or coffee shops.

FRIIA is available in two sizes FRIIA and FRIIA PLUS and comes in Hot/Cold (HC), Hot/Cold/Sparkling (HCS), Cold (C), and Cold/Sparkling (CS) variants.


  • Energy:  The Marco FRIIA is 23% more energy efficient than our competitors. This means you can save money running your business as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Design:  The sleek design will suit any interior. With minimal counter top space needed, the stylish font will be a great addition to any room.
  • Health:  With the increasing demand for healthier beverage options, the Marco FRIIA makes it easier than ever to create delicious beverage options.
  • Reliable This product has an aluminium chiller block, which is far more reliable than the standard ice batch technology. Aluminium block technology uses less components than other systems and, unlike competitors, the FRIIA font is easy to service.
  • Environment:  You can reduce the need for using single-use plastics by choosing the Marco FRIIA. Single-use plastics such as water bottles are a threat to our environment as they cannot decompose and can be harmful to sea life. Choosing to drink tap water will greatly reduce plastic waste being thrown into the environment.
  • Ease:  FRIIA is easy to use, install, clean and service. 

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