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Poursteady honors the craftsmanship of hand-brewed coffee while providing the consistency and speed necessary for commercial applications. Hand-built by a team of engineers, designers, and artists in Brooklyn, New York, it is the only machine that delivers a steady stream of hot water poured through a gooseneck spout with robotic precision and humanlike grace.

Roasters, baristas, and shop owners tailor the machine’s recipes to their coffee offerings with variable pour patterns, volumes, and pauses to ensure that each cup best represents the collective effort behind it, every single time.

Its reliability and speed will revolutionize the way your business serves pour-over, allowing just one barista to brew over 50 cups in an hour with mechanical accuracy. The machine handles the recipe and pouring properly, so every serving is the same, no matter who’s making it or when.

In an industry that respects craftsmanship and consistency, the Poursteady is a tool engineered to deliver both with ease.

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