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Box of Mahlkonig Parts - Liquidation
Box of Mahlkonig Parts - Liquidation
Voltage Coffee Supply

Box of Mahlkonig Parts - Liquidation

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This is a box of miscellaneous Mahlkonig Coffee Grinder Parts that we are liquidating from our warehouse.  This box is not eligible for returns.  Included in this box: 

  • 14x Mahlkonig Shear Plate Brass Aluminum Prebreaker 1st Gen. 700006BS
  • 19x Mahlkonig Spout Gasket 302803 / 703752
  • 11x Mahlkonig Shear Plate Brass Aluminum Prebreaker 700006BA 
  • 1x Mahlkonig VTA 6 S Extended Hopper Kit 6 lbs. 300452
  • 13x Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA-710 Shear Plate Prebreaker Aluminum 303864 / 703538
  • 1x Mahlkonig Momentary Push Button Unit Service Pack 308181 GUATEMALA KENIA 
  • 8x Mahlkonig Donut Seal Ring 100/50 x 15 VTA6 S 3 Phase Grinder 302808 
  • 2x Mahlkonig K30 Air & Peak Residue Drip Grounds Tray 309096
  • 3x Mahlkonig E65S Residue Drip Grounds Tray 700698
  • 2x Mahlkonig Small Parts Set Grind Adjustment Cover for K30 308387
  • 1x Mahlkonig GUA 710 Kenia Residue Drip Grounds Tray with Rib Mesh 300480 
  • 1x Mahlkonig Coffee Espresso Hopper Slider 308680 
  • 2x Mahlkonig E65S Rubber Feet 701127 - Set of 4

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