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Box of Nuova Simonelli Parts - Liquidation
Box of Nuova Simonelli Parts - Liquidation
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Box of Nuova Simonelli Parts - Liquidation

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This is a box of miscellaneous Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machine Parts that we are liquidating from our warehouse.  This box is not eligible for returns.  Included in this box: 

  • 40x Nuova Simonelli 4 Hole Stainless Steam Tip Nozzle 75006038.2 
  • 63x Universal 3/8" 2-Way Double Portafilter Spout Simonelli Astoria Wega Rancilio 1022102
  • 26x Nuova Simonelli 2 Way Solenoid Valve 110v 04100043 
  • 35x Nuova Simonelli Water Level Probe 1/4"M 130mm 9000005
  • 22x Nuova Simonelli Steam Valve Rebuild Kit NUOVART4 
  • 18x 60mm Group Screen fits E-61 Simonelli Pavoni VFA Wega 1081216
  • 3x Nuova Simonelli 2 Way Electrovalve Valve 220/240v 50/60 UL 04100029 4100012
  • 9x Nuova Simonelli Aurelia On/Off Ignition Switch Button 04200057 1319392
  • 2x Nuova Simonelli Boiler Valve 1/4"M Over Pressure Valve Arduino 98013021 PRV CP16934
  • 6x Puly Milk Steam Wand & Milk Frother Cleaner 100ml Nuova Simonelli B00IMB3M1S
  • 1x Nuova Simonelli 01000101.AB Steam Wand Swivel Rebuild Kit 01000101.AB

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