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Image of HeyCafe Buddy Espresso Grinder - Voltage Coffee Supply™
Image of HeyCafe Buddy Espresso Grinder - Voltage Coffee Supply™

HeyCafe Buddy Espresso Grinder

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The HeyCafe Buddy Espresso Grinder is a perfect companion for achieving a flawless espresso experience. Engineered with precision and simplicity in mind, this grinder exemplifies the essence of high-quality coffee preparation. Whether you're a passionate home barista or a professional looking for an efficient commercial solution, the HeyCafe Buddy delivers consistent results, shot after shot.

The HeyCafe Buddy is equipped with high-quality, 64mm flat burrs designed to deliver a uniform grind size, ensuring every espresso shot is rich, flavorful, and perfectly extracted. Paired with the burr set is a stepless grind adjustment feature, allowing you to fine-tune your grind size to match your preferred taste profile and espresso machine.

The 3.5-inch intuitive interface simplifies the grinder's operation, making it effortless to customize your settings and program timed doses for a consistent dosing experience. Finally, keeping the HeyCafe Buddy clean and in excellent working condition is straightforward, making maintenance hassle-free and ensuring a long-lasting performance.

HeyCafe Buddy Features

  • 3.5-inch touchscreen display for easy and intuitive interaction
  • Two programmable recipes and manual grinding mode
  • 64mm hardened steel flat burrs made in Germany
  • Cooling system designed to minimize heat transfer to ground coffee
  • Stepless grind size adjustment for fine-tuning espresso shots
  • Low retention for reduced waste and no cross contamination
  • Universal and adjustable portafilter holder
  • Low noise level for a quiet grinding experience

What’s Included

  • HeyCafe Buddy Espresso Grinder
  • 1.5kg Hopper (3.3 lbs)
  • Grounds Tray

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 24”(H) x 8.3”(W) x 13.8”(D)
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Hopper Capacity: 3.3 lbs
  • Burr Type: 64mm Flat
  • Burr Material: Hardened Steel
  • Burrs Speed: 2.5 g/s - 3 g/s
  • Volts: 110
  • Watts: 350
  • Plug Type: Standard USA 110V


Warranty Information 

All new HeyCafe grinders include a 1-year parts warranty. 


There may be signs of use from the HeyCafe factory calibration process, which involves the use of coffee beans. Per HeyCafe, each grinder is factory tested and calibrated with actual coffee beans before being sold. Additionally, per HeyCafe, it is normal to have some coffee residue, dust, or particles leftover from the calibration process in a "factory new" grinding machine. If you have further questions regarding the calibration process, please contact HeyCafe directly.

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