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Optipure OptiPure SCLX2-2 20" ScaleX2 Filter Cartridge Water Filtration Systems
Optipure OptiPure SCLX2-2 20" ScaleX2 Filter Cartridge Water Filtration Systems

OptiPure SCLX2-2 20" ScaleX2 Filter Cartridge

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The SCLX2-2 is a 20” Drop-In cartridge that utilizes ScaleX2®, a chemical-free scale inhibition technology that utilizes Template-Induced Crystallization to effectively inhibit the formation of calcium carbonate scale. This cartridge is ideal for applications requiring up to 2.5 GPM flow. In most cases, the cartridge will perform for one-year between filter changes.

  • Applications:
    • Boiler-Based Steam Generators
    • Drop-in style cartridge for OptiPure SX2 Systems (sold separately)
  • ScaleX2® achieved a 99.6% effectiveness rating when tested by an independent laboratory against the international protocol for scale prevention
  • Reduces maintenance frequency and cost, and extends equipment life
  • Protects boilers, steam generators, and coffee equipment against the formation and accumulation of calcium-carbonate scale
  • Generates less waste, only the drop-in cartridge is replaced. No discarding of metal or plastic quick-change filters
  • Replacement cartridge cost per gallon is much less than proprietary quick-change filters.
  • NSF Certified
  • Part No. SCLX2-2, 252-60210
  • Product Spec Sheet
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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    WARRANTY: This item is subject to a 90-day parts warranty. All warranty claims are subject to manufacturer discretion.

    PLEASE NOTE: OptiPure is now part of the Pentair family of brands. Many well-known Optipure filter systems have been discontinued and/or rebranded under the Pentair Everpure brand. The quality and specifications for all Pentair Everpure filter systems remain extremely high. This change means many OptiPure part numbers will be rebranded as Pentair Everpure. Please reach out to us with any questions - we're here to help!

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