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HHD PREMIUM Single Water Filter Kit Replacement Cartridge Water Filtration Systems

PREMIUM Single Water Filter Kit Replacement Cartridge

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An excellent choice for lime/scale prevention and taste, odor, and chlorine reduction for the PREMIUM Single Brewer Water Filter Kit

This anti-scaling carbon/phosphate cartridge is a polyphosphate-adding cartridge designed to sequester iron and hardness to prevent scaling in beverage and ice making equipment. Soluble polyphosphate can effectively prevent hard scale formation. The equipment stays cleaner and easier to maintain. The premium dedusted 2050 mesh granulated activated carbon assures taste, odor and chlorine reduction. The CP cartridge contains 11 oz. of premium granular activated carbon and 6 oz. of crystalline hexametaphosphate. The life of this cartridge is approximately 5,000+ gallons for taste, odor and chlorine reduction exceeding NSF specifications with up to 3,000 gallons, or 6 months of scale reduction. 

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