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BWT Water Filters for Coffee & Espresso Machines


bwt water filters

The Bestmax water filter system provides perfect protection against scale deposits, sediment, and chlorine. Tailor-made specifically for espresso/super-automatic machines, beverage dispensers, ice cube machines and more, BWT filters optimize water and protects equipment, eliminating downtime and expensive service calls.

Water optimization for coffee machines

Optimally treated water is the key component of hot drinks and is a significant economic factor in the foodservice sector.

Hot drinks of consistently high quality are one of the most secure and profitable revenue generators in both the traditional foodservice and restaurant chain sectors. The water factor is not only important in terms of limescale protection for advanced coffee machine technology, particularly in the context of trendy, profitable specialty coffees but is now increasingly central to the key issue of revenue generation. How can the foodservice sector achieve water perfection and the best taste experience in every cup? Given that espresso contains roughly 92% water and a cup of coffee up to 98%, and that water plays such a vital role as a taste-extracting agent, it is no surprise that water quality is considered so important for flavor.

Technologies that provide the best taste

Consistent with our “Technology goes Flavor” philosophy BWT is constantly researching and developing systems that provide perfect limescale protection for machines in order to raise the sensory quality of water in the foodservice sector to the highest possible level. They can, therefore, offer the sector the world’s widest range of water filtration products – from top-selling products like BWT Bestmax or the magnesium-enriched BWT Bestmax PREMIUM to specialist products like BWT Bestprotect. Each performs very specific tasks in the water optimization process, depending on the quality of the basic water used.

  • BWT Bestmax: Limescale protection, all-around filtration system
  • BWT Bestmax Premium: Limelscale and gypsum protection with BWT Magnesium
    • BWT Magnesium Technology, which enriches the water with valuable magnesium in exchange for calcium
  • BWT Bestprotect: Limelscale and gypsum protection


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