La Marzocco Grinders


La Marzocco Grinders

Swift grinder technology adds auto-tamping with a tower attached to the front of a grinder. While the coffee is grinding, it is distributed and tamped with a spinning impeller that rises as the coffee bed increases. Once the coffee has reached a specific volume in the basket, a switch stops the grinding function and the impeller polishes the coffee bed.

DOSED BY VOLUME: Vulcano Swift

The Vulcano is the fastest of the Swift grinders, utilizing Mazzer Kony burrs to deliver a prepared portafilter in 5-7 seconds. It also features easier access to adjust dose. This grinder is best used in high-volume environments.

DOSED BY TIME: Swift Classic

The Swift Classic features ceramic burrs that increase the life of the burrs while also delivering coffee quickly. The Swift Classic completes its grind and tamp cycle in 7-9 seconds. The Swift Classic also features two separate hoppers that allow for one grinder to deliver two different coffees, enabling cafés to serve both a regular and decaf option from a single grinder.


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