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The Benefits of Using Commercial Coffee Equipment at Home

voltage coffee supplyIf you love to start your morning with a great cup of coffee, you may find yourself swinging by the local café more often than you’d like. The cost of buying barista-crafted beverages quickly adds up, and many busy coffee bars aren’t able to provide the consistent quality that coffee connoisseurs prefer. Thinking about taking matters into your own hands and investing in equipment to make your favorite espresso drinks at home? Here’s why the Voltage Coffee Supply team recommends using commercial coffee equipment at home: 

Expand Your Options

For those looking to explore a plethora of coffees, commercial-grade equipment will help extract the optimal flavor from the beans. Although many coffee enthusiasts recognize the benefits of having an espresso machine at home, equipment such as a high-quality grinder is often overlooked. We prefer compact options such as the Mazzer Mini for home use, as this powerful grinder fits within standard-sized kitchen cabinets. 

Enjoy High-Tech Features

Even the smallest commercial machines are made to stand up to heavy use. For this reason, commercial products are often equipped with high-tech features to make the barista’s job easier. Although you probably won’t need to crank out shot after shot at home, you’ll still appreciate the technology that many of our machines offer. Several machines, such as the La Marzocco Linea Mini, are equipped with IoT technology that allows the user to remotely start and turn off the product and program many settings, such as programmable pre-infusion. 

Hone Your Skills

Commercial machines are designed with ease of employee use in mind. When you bring commercial products into your home kitchen, you’ll benefit from all the bells and whistles that make these products ideal for busy baristas. For example, if you’re considering Nuova Simonelli espresso machines, the commercial-rated Musica model allows a higher degree of precision for home users to experiment with. This machine offers both manual and volumetric dosing, so you’ll have the freedom to try both options whenever you’d like. 

Those who appreciate the best quality coffee should consider investing in commercial supplies for home use. In addition to high-tech features and greater flexibility when it comes to crafting specialized drinks, making espresso at home is also environmentally-friendly (and easier on the wallet). If you’re ready to proceed with finding high-quality commercial equipment, the Voltage Coffee Supply team is here for you. Whether you need assistance selecting products that are well-suited for the home or you’d like to inquire about financing options, we’re ready to answer your questions. Please contact us for a consultation. 

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