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What is the difference between the Simonelli AURELIA WAVE Espresso Machine Series?

Aurelia Wave Simonelli

The Aurelia Wave series features cutting-edge innovations making it a premium commercial espresso machine for coffee shops and cafes looking for maximum control and flexibility in crafting the absolute best espresso beverages. This machine is ideal for medium to large specialty coffee shops that have a reputation for superior quality and excellence. Nuova Simonelli has four versions of the Aurelia Wave (T3, Digit, Vol., Semi-Auto) and we have outlined the features that are included with each below.


  • Pulse-Jet Technology
  • Thermostability
  • Auto-purge System
  • Ergonomics


  • Touch screen
  • Remote control
  • Energy saving
  • Auto-purge system


  • Touchscreen
  • Auto-purge System


  • Manual control
  • SIS Infusion
  • Two steam wands
  • Ease of use


T3 Tech T3 System: 3-4 copper boilers work together to allow the barista to independently set the temperature of each group head YES
Pulse-Jet Allows the operator to create extraction profiles, all of which can be adjusted with the Remote Control Interface. This interface can control extraction, preparation, dispensing, and cleaning. YES
Combined Volumetric & Manual Dosing Includes both volumetric and manual dosing which means the barista can switch between them as needed, increasing efficiency and creativity. When you hit the volumetric dosing button, the machine will automatically dispense the programmed amount of water for the correct espresso volume. While using the manual button allows the barista to customize espresso at any time as the user manually starts and stops the brew cycle. YES YES YES
LCD Display The high-resolution, touchscreen LCD display houses operations like dosage programming, boiler pressure management, pre-infusion, and even power savings settings. YES YES YES
High Performance Automation Built-in automated cleaning whereas, baristas can simply push a button and engage the self-cleaning cycle, saving time and energy. YES YES YES
Auto Purge The technology automatically cycles the head after pulling a shot once the portafilter is removed. This setting can be adjusted to best fit the user's unique process. YES YES
User Friendly Steaming Features ergonomic push-pull steam trigger, Cool Touch wands and milk light to increase visibility leading to safer, easier and more efficient steaming. YES YES YES
Surface LEDs Machine has been designed to adapt to any setting. The LEDs strategically positioned around the machine insure the barista can always see what they are doing. YES YES YES
AutoSteam Capable Supports some version of AutoSteam. A system that simplifies the milk steaming process. YES YES
Smart Water Technology Smart Water technology measures water parameters in real time. Tracking the total dissolved solids (TDS) range and the alkalinity (Ph) range gives the user in-depth information that helps baristas better manage the machine and ensure optimal espresso flavor. If changes in the TDS or Ph arise, the machine will now display a warning to the user. Option Option Option


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