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How To Replace & Flush Your Water Filters

How To Flush My Water Filter How To Replace My Water Filter Water Filtration

Water filtration systems need to be flushed when first being installed and after extended period of no use. Regardless of the type of filter system you have, it is essential to appropriately flush your water filters before using them. Water filtration systems are designed to be used continuously. When these systems are not in service, there is a high potential for microbiological growth within the filters.

How to replace and flush your water filter:

  1. Shut off the water supply. Before replacing any filter cartridge, first ensure the water source has been turned off. You don’t want to end up flooding your floor! Turn the valve on the water intake line until it is completely closed. If your system has a flushing valve, open it to relieve pressure.
  2. Turn off the power to any equipment. If your filter is servicing an espresso machine or coffee brewer, ensure that the equipment is disconnected from its power source.
  3. Remove the old filter cartridge. This can usually be done by twisting the old cartridge a quarter to the left, until the rotation stops. Then, gently pull the filter down and out of the system. Wipe out the inside of the system where you plan on attaching the new cartridge.
  4. Align the new cartridge with the system. Make sure the new cartridge is properly aligned with filter head.
  5. Insert the new cartridge into the system. Turn the new filter a quarter to the right, until the filter stops rotating easily and is snugly fit into the system.
  6. Turn the water back on. You will need the water to help flush your new filters.
  7. Flush your new filters. Allow water to flow through the new filters for a minimum of five minutes to flush any air and loose carbon fines from the filter. You can connect a drainage hose to the system and divert the flushed water to a drain or a sink.
  8. Turn the equipment back on. Make sure the flushing valve is closed, and then turn on the equipment the filter is servicing. You are now ready to use your equipment again.


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