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Lever Espresso Machine Comparison

Astoria Lever-Operated Espresso Machines Victoria Arduino


Piston (or lever) operated espresso machines are dependable and affordable machines that are particularly appreciated by the experts for brewing personalized shots of espresso. 

A piston lever works via an internal spring that pushes water through our ground coffee under pressure. The barista uses a lever (i.e. pulls the shot) to force the spring to compress. On release of the lever the spring then expands and forces water through the coffee at diminishing pressure. The spring automates the pressure, but we as the barista are able to affect the pre-infusion time, the volume of water through the coffee and the time in which to pull the shot.

Piston machines are ideal in espresso coffee vans, trailers and in areas without electricity. Below is a quick comparison between the three lever models we carry. 

Astoria Gloria vs. Astoria Rapallo vs. Arduino Athena Leva

Feature Astoria Gloria AL Astoria Rapallo AL Victoria Arduino Athena Leva
Size 1, 2, 3 Groups 2 & 3 Groups 2 & 3 Groups
Boiler Single boiler Single boiler Single boiler
Groups Lever operated Lever operated Lever operated
Steam Knobs Turn style Turn style Turn style
Power 2 Group:
110 volt/21.7 amps
220 volt/19.1 amps
2 Group:
220 volt/21.4 amps
2 Group:
220 volt/14 amps
Extras --- LED Back Panel Cool Touch Wands
Surface LEDs
2 Group Price $4,770 $5,040 From $8,325
Shop Now Gloria AL Rapallo AL Athena Leva

Victoria Arduino Athena Leva Lever Espresso Coffee Machine Simonelli

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