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Understanding Espresso Machine Configurations

Auto-Volumetric Espresso Technician

A “configuration” is the way the machine operates, or the way the barista interacts with the machine to produce espresso.

More manual configurations allow baristas closer engagement with brew parameters like pre-infusion and pressure. More automated configurations allow the barista to program a repeatable output and give more of their focus to customer engagement. The style and volume of your business will be crucial in deciding which configuration to choose.

Auto-Volumetric: AV Machines

The barista starts the shot and the machine stops it based on the pre-programmed volume of water running through the coffee to achieve the preferred coffee volume.

Auto-Volumetric Espresso Machines

Semi-Automatic: EE Machines

The barista starts and stops the shot with either a push button or paddle interface to achieve the preferred coffee volume.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Manual: MP, EP, and Lever Machines

The barista manually controls pre-infusion and pressure during the shot. The barista starts and stops the shot to achieve the preferred coffee volume.

Manual Espresso Machines

Understanding Espresso Machine Configurations

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