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Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Volumetric vs. Black Eagle Gravimetric?

Black Eagle Victoria Arduino

What's the difference between the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Volumetric and the Black Eagle Gravimetric?

The Black Eagle Volumetric is the standard high-tech model with automatic dosing and sophisticated functionality that baristas adore. 

In addition to the features described above, the Black Eagle Volumetric comes with the following:

  • Push pull steam (ergonomic steam trigger)
  • Automated cleanings
  • Energy saving options
  • Bar pump gauge

This Black Eagle Volumetric configuration is available in two-group and three-group models. 

This is the Black Eagle Gravimetric configuration features the highly sought-after gravimetric system, offering baristas unprecedented mastery of the brew process and final product.

One of the aspects of the Black Eagle Gravimetric that makes it so exceptional is that the data it provides is unaffected by external factors like an accidental bump of the drip tray.

If you want all the functionality of the Black Eagle Volumetric with the addition of this groundbreaking measurement system, the Gravimetric model is for you.

Both the Volumetric model and Gravimetric movel are offered in 2-group and 3-group configurations.

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