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What is the main difference between flat and conical burrs?

Conical Burrs Flat Burrs

The barista usually chooses whether to use a grinder with flat or conical burrs, based on the premises’ workload, potential peaks, personal preferences, and the characteristics of the coffee used (origins and roasting profile). While conical burrs rotate at a slower speed than flat burrs, they can achieve higher productivity levels than those of flat burrs with the same diameter. Due to the low grinding speed, conical grinders have less heat build-up. Furthermore, conical burrs wear much more slowly than flat burrs, which in turn, reduces the frequency of maintenance and service. Grinders with flat burrs offer greater reactivity to the adjustment change, due to the more compact grinding chamber. The choice between flat and conical burrs should be made with the best tasting cup of coffee in mind. Voltage Coffee Supply is committed to offering a wide range of burr grinders so that every barista can find the ideal product for their coffee.


What is the main difference between flat and conical burrs?

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