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Why We Love Using notNeutral Cups For Coffee

Whether you’re a home barista or the owner of a coffee bar, you’ve probably put lots of time and energy into finding the best tools of the trade. The espresso machine and coffee grinder are the superstars that bring out the complex flavors of the beans, but did you know that the cup you choose also affects the taste? 

That’s why we love sipping coffee from ceramic mugs (and especially from brands like notNeutral
 because of their emphasis on craftsmanship and quality). Here, we discuss the perks of using ceramics at home or in your café. 

Let the Flavor Profile Shine

When you stock your bar with high-quality ceramics, you’ll allow the flavor profile of your coffee to take center stage. Other materials, such as metal or plastic, can have a subtle (but noticeable) effect on the aromas or flavor notes. With a neutral material like ceramic, you or your customers can enjoy the true flavor profile of coffee or espresso. 

Excellent Durability 

Ceramics are sometimes thought to be too fragile for use in commercial settings. However, this isn’t necessarily the case – in fact, the opposite is often true. 

The key is to select ceramics that are crafted with care. Ceramics have been used for centuries, and well-made products can last for years without cracking or chipping. Premium brands such as notNeutral use digital modeling technology to ensure a solid design that can withstand the rigors of daily use. 


Whether you’re selecting drinkware for your home coffee bar or retail shop, budgeting is likely a significant factor in your choices. One of the reasons that ceramic is so appealing is that this material is about as affordable as it gets. Even high-quality ceramics are often more affordable than glass, making this option an excellent choice for all settings. 

Style and Practicality 

Aesthetics are also important to consider when shopping for drinkware. If you love a minimalistic look, ceramics are often the way to go. Whether you opt for bright white or a more colorful hue, these classically styled mugs will look beautiful displayed in your café, home, or office. 

Drinkware is an important component of the coffee experience. Although we love ceramic for this material’s neutral flavor, affordability, and styling, there are many great choices out there. Regardless of the drinkware you choose, it’s crucial to select high-quality equipment including an espresso machine, coffee grinder, and water filtration system. 

When you’re ready to find the equipment you need, we’re here to help. We carry a plethora of options to consider, so we’ve got products to suit every budget and preference. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team. We’re always happy to assist you in finding the perfect products. 

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