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2021 Trends: Coffee Tourism Becomes a “Thing”

Coffee tourism – it's a thing.

Do you travel for coffee? Do you plan your vacations around coffee? Well you're not alone. Coffee Tourism is expected to increase in 2021 and beyond. 

What is coffee tourism? 

Coffee tourism is pretty straightforward, it involves visiting countries where coffee is grown and tasting different types of coffee or concentrating on consuming different coffees in countries renowned for its production and consumption. It may just be the best type of travel there is!

For Millennials Coffee Tourism Becomes a “Thing” in 2021

Millennials often approach coffee as a holistic experience, and as such, many young people seek out coffees in popular growing regions. Coffee tourism has officially become the next big trend. Millennials in particular, seek more authentic experiences in unique cafes around the world. Coffee tourism is similar to the farm-to-table movement for produce and meat production. When researching where to travel, Millennials seek out shops that offer unique coffee and tea presentations, compelling photographs of coffee plantations, educational experiences, etc.

coffee tourism


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