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A Closer Look at the Synesso ES.1

Synesso’s vision for espresso has been clear from its inception in 2003: create a temperature-stable, reliable, and long-lasting commercial espresso machine that would reach beyond what other companies were doing. In the time between the birth of the company and the present, Synesso has become a well-loved and respected name in the world of specialty cafes. Now, after several years of development, Synesso is making its foray into the world of the home barista with the ES.1, and we wanted to take a look at some of the features that might make it stand out from the crowd.

The Synesso ES.1 boasts many of the same features that you might find in other prosumer espresso machines, as well as Synesso's MVP Hydra, such as dual stainless steel boilers for pulling shots and steaming milk at the same time, a commercial rotary vane pump, and an internal reservoir capable of holding up to three liters of water. What looks to set the Synesso ES.1 apart from other home espresso machines is its manual and volumetric programming, the ability to save and repeat automated recipes, its precise control of extraction parameters, and its ability to create its own water-line pressure, which is a first for a machine in its class. If plumbing your machine directly into a water line instead of relying on the internal reservoir is your ideal solution, the Synesso ES.1 bypasses any complicated external solutions, making it the most mobile-friendly machine in today’s market.

Synesso’s patented MVP (Manual and Volumetric Programming) technology allows the end user to choose between manual control over the shot volume and the pressure exerted on the coffee puck in real time, or an automatic-volumetric approach. This function uses built-in software to deliver water to the group head and dry espresso bed, resulting in the amount of liquid coffee once the shot is finished pulling. This is another tremendous step in the world of home espresso machines, as most competitors offer either manual or volumetric technology, but rarely both.

When designing the ES.1, Synesso made it clear that they were looking to offer a tactile user experience that parallels the rest of the espresso-making workflow. This is reflected by the integration of the paddle actuator. Utilizing this, the user can engage the machine to begin the shot manually, starting with a pre-infusion, followed by a full, 9-bar extraction, and finishing with a ramp-down to finish the shot. Each stage of the extraction process, from pressure to time, is completely customizable and left to the end user, so a 3-bar pre-infusion at 5 seconds is just as possible as a 2-bar pre-infusion at 25 seconds. Whether you’re looking for a standard 9-bar extraction, a shot that mimics a traditional lever machine, or the ever-popular “Slayer-style shot”, the ES.1 is capable of delivering. To sweeten the experience even more, the mounted display will immediately show you the finished shot time, the amount of water used in milliliters, and the temperature at which the shot was pulled, along with an option to save the shot to the machine. 

Probably the biggest focal point of the ES.1 is the digital, touchscreen display found directly above the group head. This, working in tandem with the paddle actuator, offers an intuitive and user-friendly solution to adjusting and saving specific parameters to your espresso profiles. Using the digital display, you can also evaluate graphed pressure and flow data, save shots, and go back any time to adjust all shot parameters. Uniquely, every shot is saved, so if you pulled a shot but forgot to save the specifics, you can go into your shot history, find the shot you’re looking for, and save it to the machine for future use. This feature alone is a tremendous checkmark in the Synesso ES.1 advantages column.

While the espresso-making functionality and features are the details that people will most assuredly be enamored with, the folks at Synesso didn’t forget the other components that make a great espresso machine. The ES.1 includes a massive, 3.25 liter steam boiler for back-to-back milk-steaming abilities, and a 0.5 liter brew boiler for consistent temperature stability where it matters the most. A lever-actuated, cool-touch steam wand sits directly to the right of the group head, while a water spout with a mix valve sits to the left. From the digital interface, it is possible to program the temperature of the water coming out of the spout, making it perfect for americanos and tea-drinkers. The team at Synesso also made refilling the internal reservoir as simple as possible with front-facing access. This allows the user to refill the machine without having to remove the drip tray or any drinkware from the top of the machine. Finally, the Synesso ES.1 is future-feature ready. When new software updates become available, you will be able to easily download and install them into your machine instead of going through the hassle of removing and replacing internal components.

The ES.1 is a true prosumer machine from top to bottom. Designed with commercial components and made for those who want to experiment with every aspect of their espresso, we’re very excited to offer it. If you have any questions about the Synesso ES.1, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always happy to talk about espresso machines and address any questions or concerns that you may have.

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