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A Comparison of Mahlkonig Espresso Grinders

Espresso Grinders

When you’re ready to stock up on equipment for your café, be sure that a high-quality grinder tops the list. A commercial espresso grinder has a significant impact on the flavor of the espresso you serve, so the product you choose will have a notable effect on the performance of your shop. 

Mahlkonig has been around since 1924, and its brand reputation just keeps getting stronger. If you’re ready to find a new commercial coffee grinder, Mahlkonig almost certainly has an option for your café. Whether you’re sold on the smaller footprint of the E65S or the impressive capacity of the E80 Supreme, you can find your perfect match at Voltage. 

Mahlkonig E65S 

When you need a tried-and-true grinder for high-volume daily operations, the E65S is a budget-friendly pick. It’s a Mahlkonig, so it’s a high-end product, but this model is the least expensive of this product roundup. 

The E65S is often a favorite of baristas who need a reliable grinder that’s equipped with elevated features. With 65mm flat steel burrs and a hopper capacity of 2.64 pounds, this model is designed for efficiency. Unlike other similarly priced products, the E65S is known for its quiet grinding and user-friendly touches like the icon menu. It’s programmable for up to six recipes, and its smaller profile makes it a great space-saver on the bar. 

Mahlkonig E65S GBW

The grind-by-weight (GBW)  version of the popular E65S offers the same burr diameter and grinding speed. However, the GBW model is equipped with grind-by-weight technology for unmatched precision in dosing. Mahlkonig pioneered this ground-breaking technology that’s now available from other brands, as well. If you’re not familiar with the concept of grinding by weight, it’s definitely something you’ll want to look into. 

Unlike conventional grinders that dose based on timers, GBW products use integrated scales to dose by weight. This method is highly accurate and allows an unsurpassed level of control and streamlined workflow for the barista. 

Other than the dosing method, the E65S and E65S GBW models have similar specs. Both have Mahlkonig’s cooling system to protect the beans from overheating and an adjustable spout to suit a variety of portafilters. 

Mahlkonig E80 Supreme

If your shop experiences high volume, the E80 Supreme may be the best fit. This commercial grinder is a powerhouse that can easily handle the demands of daily operations in a busy café. With a hopper capacity of 4 pounds and 80mm steel burrs, this machine is capable of producing a very fine grind while protecting the beans’ flavor profile. 

Its high-resolution display offers a wide viewing angle so it’s always easy for baristas to select their settings. 

Mahlkonig E80S GBW

If you’re intrigued by the larger capacity of the E80 Supreme but would prefer a  grind-by-weight product, you’re in luck: it’s available in a GBW version

This model is capable of blazing-fast speed, with an average grinding capacity of 7 to 8 grams per second. Like the E80 Supreme grinder, the GBW version has a hopper that holds up to four pounds of beans. Its patented disc distance detection (DDD) technology ensures precision when selecting the distance between the burrs.  

We love talking espresso, so please feel free to contact our customer service team with any question on your mind. From product selection to financing options, we’re happy to help. 

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