Mavam is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. The Mavam Under Counter Espresso Machine is designed to exceed the tireless demands of today's espresso bar operators while maintaining world-class temperature stability. The Mach 2 introduces the game-changing Piano Key Group Activation, includes the new barista favorite Slap Activation Steam, and keeps their popular ⅛-turn portafilter engagement, eliminating the repetitive and fatiguing twists and turns of historical outdated machines. Both machines are the result of many hours of research and development.

Mavam's mission is to create full-featured temperature-stable espresso machines that can handle high volume locations. With over 20+ years of technical background in the specialty coffee industry Mavam has taken the feedback of hundreds of baristas and shop owners from around the world to create a machine that is innovative as well as attractive. Mavam is excited to share the work they are doing and to learn more from the industry they serve.


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