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Are Grind By Weight Coffee Grinders Worth The Hype?

In the world of specialty coffee, there’s always new technology being introduced. From automatic tampers to espresso machines you can control from an app, you may be wondering what’s really necessary and where you can save your money. 

A high-quality grinder is an essential component of brewing the best possible coffee or espresso. If you’ve been looking into products to handle the needs of your café, you may have come across grind by weight options. 

Interested in learning more about grind by weight technology to determine if it’s right for your café? Here, we share the details to help you make the best decision for your needs:

What is Grind By Weight Technology? 

Standard grinders (even many high-end products) use timer-based calculations for grinding whole beans into the grounds that become coffee or espresso. Although this method has been used for years, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) standards are defined by weight. 

Grind by weight technology was pioneered by Mahlkonig, and this method of dosing involves built-in scales to dose by weight instead of by timed intervals. This allows for much better accuracy, and in turn, consistency. 

Which Brands Offer Grind By Weight Grinders?

If you’re intrigued by the benefits of grinding by weight rather than relying on a timer, we have several different options for you to explore. 

The Fiorenzato F83 E XGi Pro is one of our favorite products for premium espresso grinding. This high-end grinder is in a class all its own, and is perfectly suited for baristas who appreciate the latest technology. The F83 XGi Pro is doserless and features highly accurate integrated scales. With 83 mm flat burrs, this machine is capable of top notch grinding speed. It also has a large, full-color touchscreen that makes operation a breeze. 

Mahlkonig also offers grind by weight models. This brand introduced grind by weight technology and is known for its reliable products. If you need more bean storage for a busy café, Mahlkonig E80s 1800 gram hopper capacity will be a great fit. Mahlkonig also offers the E65S in a grind by weight version. 

Last up in our discussion is Mythos 2 by Victoria Arduino. If you’re looking to splurge, this grinder is a worthy choice. Boasting the largest burr size in this lineup (85 mm burrs in comparison to Fiorenzato’s 83 mm and Mahlkonig’s 80 mm burrs), Mythos 2 is capable of an ultra-fine grind. Its Clima Pro 2.0 system also allows the user to influence the temperature of the burrs to prevent heat buildup. 

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a new commercial grinder, grind by weight technology is definitely a step up. Excited to try the difference that’s made possible by grinding by weight? We’re here to help connect you with the ideal product. If you have any questions regarding the machines highlighted here (or any other products we carry), please contact our customer service team

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