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La Marzocco Comparison: Linea Classic S, Linea PB, KB90, and Strada

Ready to stock your coffee bar with all the supplies you need for a successful operation? Whether you’re shopping for your first commercial espresso machine or are planning to replace an older model, La Marzocco likely has a product to suit your needs. When you need a machine that can stand up to the rigors of commercial use, the Linea Classic S, Linea PB, KB90, and Strada are the brand’s most trusted options. 

Since a commercial machine is critical in the success of your café, it can be challenging to narrow down the plethora of choices. The right machine is an investment, so it’s understandable if you prefer to shop around until you find the ideal fit. We’re well-versed with La Marzocco’s line and we’d love to help you make the best match. Here, we compare the brand’s four most popular commercial machines: 

Linea Classic S Specs

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll appreciate the clean lines of the Linea Classic S. This versatile machine is available with one, two, three, or four group heads, so there’s an option for any café size. Regardless of the number of group heads you need, all versions have a saturated group head and PID control for increased temperature stability. 

The Linea Classic S has dual boilers, and barista lights are optional. Although this La Marzocco machine is the least expensive in the lineup highlighted here, it’s still packed with features that your baristas will love. Its auto-volumetric operation makes for excellent consistency with minimal barista involvement, and its half-turn steam valve also saves your team effort. 

Linea PB Specs

The Linea PB is styled after the Linea Classic and is equipped with advanced technology. It’s available in two configurations: auto-volumetric or auto-volumetric with built-in scales. Both versions feature a digital display for easy programming. 

Like the Linea Classic S, this model has PID control, dual boilers, and saturated group heads. However, the Linea PB has fewer group head options than the Linea Classic–just two and three, compared to one through four. Barista lights are standard on this product, as well as auto backflush. 

KB90 Specs

When you need a top-of-the-line commercial machine to handle the demands of a high-volume shop, La Marzocco’s KB90 fits the bill. Its upgraded electronics package and two or three group head configurations make this machine an excellent choice for busy baristas who need all the bells and whistles. 

Similar to the Linea PB, KB90 is available with or without integrated scales. Its independent and insulated brew boilers mean that the user can customize the temperature for each group head, allowing more room for customization for customers. It also has dual PID controls for coffee and steam temperature.

The efficiency features of this machine are unmatched, including automatic steam flush, pro-touch steam wands, barista lights, straight-in portafilter design, and more. 

Strada Specs

Strada is available in two configurations: auto-volumetric (AV) or manual paddle (MP). If you’re seeking a classically styled machine that can keep up with a busy café, the auto-volumetric model will be the best fit. The Strada AV’s user-friendly interface allows for simple programmability and excellent consistency. Like many of La Marzocco’s commercial machines, Strada AV can be upgraded with built-in scales. 

If you’re seeking a product that puts unbeatable control into the barista’s hands, the Stada MP is the clear choice. Ideal for specialty coffee bars, this machine is equipped with La Marzocco’s latest conical valve design. This type of valve offers direct, precise control of the pressure and flow rate, which is essential in creating customized shots. 

A commercial espresso machine is the lifeblood of a coffee business, which is why this decision is so important. There are many great options out there, and La Marzocco is a brand you can trust. If you’re interested in purchasing a machine by this company, the options highlighted here are a great place to start. 

Whether you need one group head or up to four, auto-volumetric or manual paddle, we’ve got plenty of options for you. If you have additional questions regarding our selection of espresso machines or accessories, we’re here to help. Please contact our customer service team for more information. 

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