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An Overview of Coffee Trends From the NCA

Whether you’re a café owner hoping to stay on top of the latest coffee trends or a caffeine enthusiast curious about the habits of other coffee drinkers, you may be interested in the latest insights from the National Coffee Association (NCA). If you need a condensed version of the data, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s jump into the details from the NCA to see how Americans enjoy their coffee: 

Coffee Is Wildly Popular Among Most Age Groups

According to the NCA’s findings, 66% of Americans consumed coffee within the past day (compared to 47% who had tea within the past day). Coffee’s popularity is growing among young adults aged 18-24, of which 51% drank coffee within the past day. In total, Americans drink approximately 491 million cups of coffee each day!

The Most Coffee is Consumed in the Northeast

Curious about regional trends? The northeast has the highest numbers of coffee consumption, with 72% of adults reporting drinking coffee in the past 24 hours. The rest of the country isn’t far behind: 66% of adults in the west and south enjoyed at least one cup of joe in the past day. Midwesterners appear to drink coffee less frequently than other regions, with just 63% of those surveyed reporting having coffee within the past day.

Lattes Reign Supreme in the Specialty Category 

Although traditional drip coffee is the most commonly reported way to drink coffee, it’s no secret that Americans love their specialty drinks. Among espresso-based beverages, lattes are the most popular. 17% of individuals surveyed had a latte within the past week, with espresso coming in second place at 16%. Cappuccinos and café mochas are also commonly enjoyed beverages, with 15% and 11% having one in the past week, respectively. 

Cold Coffee is Enjoyed All Year Round

If you run or work in a coffee shop, you’ve probably noticed that iced coffee devotees often order cold coffee regardless of the season. The trends from the NCA confirm this fact, with 30% of past-day coffee drinkers reporting consuming cold coffee. Here’s a quick look at the smaller subcategories of past-day cold coffee consumers: 

  • 24% had iced coffee. 
  • 14% had cold brew. 
  • 11% had a frozen blend. 

Cafés Have Made a Huge Comeback 

Some of the best news from the NCA’s findings is that cafés are back in full swing. Individuals are having coffee outside the home at nearly pre-pandemic levels. 28% of those who report drinking coffee within the last 24 hours ordered their coffee away from home. 

33% of past-week coffee drinkers order coffee at least four times per week, while 56% purchase café-made coffee one to three times per week. 

The National Coffee Association provides a wealth of information about all topics related to the coffee industry, and we especially love reading this organization’s roundup of annual coffee trends. If you’re a café owner or thinking about opening one, we hope this data is encouraging! 

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