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Which Non-Dairy Milks are in Highest Demand for Coffee?

While dairy milk is still the go-to option in coffee shops, non-dairy milks are continuing to gain popularity. Whether your customers have a dairy allergy or are looking for a lower calorie, more sustainable option, offering several non-dairy options is an excellent strategy for improving customer satisfaction. 

As recently as a decade ago, soy milk was the only mainstream non-dairy option in cafés. However, that has quickly changed. There are now many options readily available, which is great news for both café owners and coffee enthusiasts. Most non-dairy milks are fortified with vitamin B12, an essential nutrient that many of us are short on. Interested in determining which non-dairy milks are your best bet for offering in-store? Here, we discuss the primary choices: 

Oat Milk

Those who love the creaminess of traditional milk but would prefer a more environmentally friendly option often find that oat milk is a great alternative. It’s also relatively high in protein, with four grams of protein per serving. Its full-bodied texture makes it a wonderful addition to milk-based beverages such as lattes, and some brands even offer barista edition oat milk. 

Almond Milk

Almond milk has quickly become one of the most sought-after milk alternatives. It has fewer calories than oat milk, but has a distinctive nutty flavor that’s not everyone’s preference (although vanilla-flavored almond milk lends a sweeter taste). An experienced barista can froth almond milk effectively, but this type of nut milk is prone to curdling. If you plan to offer almond milk, an espresso machine with autosteam or a product such as Perfect Moose Greg can help prevent overheating. 

Coconut Milk 

When you’re on the search for a creamy non-dairy milk option, coconut milk should definitely be on your list of contenders. There’s no denying that coconut milk has obvious notes of coconut flavor, but this works well in drinks like mochas or frozen, blended beverages. Although not the lightest on calories, this non-dairy milk is packed with essential vitamins. 

Macadamia Milk

Macadamia milk is a rising star in the coffee world. The other milks mentioned here have been on the scene for several years, with large chains offering most (if not all) of the previous options on this list. Macadamia milk is expected to become more prevalent in the years to come, and consumers tend to love it because of its low water footprint and velvety texture, whether cold or steamed. 

Whether you’re a café owner planning to stock the most popular non-dairy milk options or you’re a home barista looking to shake up your routine, the alternative milks highlighted here should be on your shopping list. 

If you’d like to invest in products that make it easier to perfectly steam a variety of milks, we’d love to help. We have a plethora of machines that offer high-tech steaming, as well as stand-alone products designed to create beautiful foam every time. Have any questions? We’re here for you. Please contact our customer service team to start the process of finding coffee equipment that you’ll love. 

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