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How You Can Grow Your Coffee Business Through Catering or Attending Events

Thinking about ways to grow your coffee business? There are many strategies for increasing sales while connecting with your customers, and offering catering or mobile cart service for events are a couple of them. Coffee’s popularity is undeniable, with approximately 66% of Americans enjoying at least one cup daily.

Whether you want to appeal to regulars at your café or you’d like to expand your presence within the community, including catering or mobile cart service can grow your clientele and cement brand loyalty. Interested in learning more about why this may be a lucrative option for your business? Here a few of reasons to expand your services: 

Connect With New Customers 

When your existing customers book a catering event, it’s an excellent chance for your business to gain exposure and meet new potential patrons. A coffee cart is an instant hit at most events, so once you’ve landed a few of these gigs, it’s easy to start the conversation and connect with your target audience. You never know who will become your next daily visitor! 

Reduce Wastage 

Even if your team members are superstars at inventory management, it can be challenging to predict the ebb and flow of customers’ habits. Catering is a great option both for boosting revenue and cutting down on waste of valuable supplies. When you have an estimated number of clients to serve, you can plan more accurately to maximize revenue while reducing wastage of operating expenses. 

Optimize Cash Flow 

Many restaurant businesses struggle with cash flow. If you’ve recently opened your café and the equipment budget has restricted your resources, marketing for events catering is a great option for freeing up some cash. 

When you cater personal events like weddings (who doesn’t appreciate a shot of caffeine before hitting the dance floor?) or corporate conferences, you’ll have the opportunity to charge a non-refundable deposit. It’s also common practice for caterers to require payment in full just before the event, so you can safeguard your investment in supplies.  

When you’re on the search for steps to take to grow your coffee business, catering services can be an excellent avenue to explore. Setting up a coffee cart for catering corporate events, weddings, or other gatherings is sure to attract attention from coffee lovers looking to try new brews. 

If you’re ready to try serving handcrafted beverages outside the café, we carry everything you need for both mobile and in-store operations. Have questions about what you’ll need for stocking your retail shop versus a mobile setup? We’d love to help! Please contact our customer service team for everything you need to know about setting up shop for coffee carts and traditional brick-and-mortar locations. 

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