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Must-Have Coffee Cart Equipment

Thinking about opening up a mobile coffee cart or truck? Mobile cafés are joining food trucks as a popular way for customers to enjoy a pick-me-up. Although a mobile coffee shop requires less equipment than a full-size brick-and-mortar operation, there are still many factors to consider. When you’re ready to get started and are curious about what you’ll need, we can help. Take a look at a few of our favorite mobile-friendly café supplies we share here:

Low-Profile Espresso Machine

Once you’ve chosen your cart or vehicle, it’s time to start selecting equipment to stock. A low-profile espresso machine is incredibly helpful when it comes to the mobile craft coffee experience, so we love the La Marzocco Linea Mini. This compact machine is rated for commercial use but small enough to be well-suited for home, office, and mobile settings. Its self-contained two-liter water reservoir means that plumbing is optional.

Commercial Coffee Grinder

You want to provide your customers with the best possible espresso beverages, so a high-quality coffee grinder is non-negotiable. When you’re on the search for a premium grinder, we recommend the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme or the Mazzer Mini Type A. Both of these products are sleek and quiet, offering all the features you need for crafting a perfect cup of coffee from anywhere.

Water Pump System

If plumbing isn’t an option for your coffee cart, a bottled water pump system is an excellent alternative. The Flojet Bottled Water Pump System is ideal for providing potable water on the go and can be connected with a plethora of systems. Compatible with many coffee or tea makers, refrigerators, ice makers, and water dispensers, this solution will be invaluable to those in the mobile coffee business.


Refrigeration is another must-have component of your coffee cart. Dairy products and dairy alternatives will need to be kept cold, and you’ll also need ice on hand for iced beverages. Although one refrigerator may suffice, many shop owners prefer to have two in case of emergency.

Opening a mobile shop is an exciting prospect that can help you connect with your community. From setting up shop at local farmer’s markets to catering events, there’s no shortage of ways to provide folks with a cup of joy. The equipment highlighted here is a brief look into what you’ll need before you begin operations, and we’d love to guide you in selecting the products you need to succeed. Need assistance or have any questions regarding café supplies for a mobile setting? Please contact our team–we’re here to help!

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