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Changing grinder burrs faqs


How often should I change my burrs?

To maintain your coffee grinder performance quality, we recommend replacing the burrs once the following the manufacturer's recommendations. Burr life is calculated by burr size and the amount of coffee put through each grinder. While there are recommended grinder burr life spans, these will vary for both flat and conical burrs, the burr material, and size ( i.e. cutting surface area) of the burr.

How often should the grinding chamber be cleaned to keep getting that great-tasting cup of coffee?

We recommend cleaning the coffee grinder frequently, daily or, once a week at the very least. The ground coffee in the grinding chamber, chute, and doser will oxidize rapidly and the oil that is naturally released can make the coffee taste slightly rancid, if not removed regularly.

How do I clean the grinding chamber?

You can clean it with just a brush, or preferably even a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth. Never use water or other products such as cleaners or abrasives.

When I grind, coffee is no longer coming out, what should I do?

If the motor rotates but the coffee does not come out or it comes out with difficulty, you may have inadvertently ground the coffee too finely and obstructed the burr’s outlet holes. Generally speaking, we recommend turning the ring nut 2 numbers towards the coarser grind setting, until the flow is regularised. Then proceed to find the correct grind size. If the problem persists, we recommend cleaning the grinding chamber and its outlet chute.


Once the new burrs have been installed, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the adjustment ring’s thread and counter-thread. Apply a small amount of oil to the thread and try to screw the adjustment ring without the upper burr holder until it reaches the end, to evenly distribute the lubricant and ensure that the component slides correctly. Once this has been completed, the upper burr holder assembly and adjustment ring can be tested. Make sure that all the springs are in place before closing the appliance back up.

After cleaning operation

After the grinder has been cleaned, yet before the grain size is adjusted, make sure that the grinding chamber and chute have been filled with coffee: the grain size will only correspond to that adjustment point if these are full. The first doses ground into an empty chamber will have a significantly coarser grain size than the doses obtained when the appliance is fully operational.

Grinding for the first time after changing the burrs

Whenever the burrs are changed, ground a few coffee doses. Do not use these initial ground doses to brew coffee.


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