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Difference Between Ditting 804 & 807 Grinder Series

Ditting Retail Coffee Grinders

The Ditting 804 Retail Grinder is valued for its impressive functionality and reliability. This grinder is commonly used where different coffee bean flavors have to be ground as this requires more frequent and thorough cleaning.

804 grinder by ditting

The 807 shop grinder, 807 Lab Sweet, and 807 Filter series are ideal for grinding directly into a filter basket. Each of the models feature individualised functionality, a sleek and modern design, and the utmost user-friendliness.
Ditting K807 Lab Sweet Coffee Grinder 80mm Burrs (Up to 30 lbs.)
While similar in size, the Ditting 804 and 807 series grinders are completely different from top to bottom with the ONE exception of grinding discs**. All electric components and housing are not interchangeable.
The 804 series has been around since the '70s with the same basic design and a few design upgrades and certifications over the years. It has officially been discontinued by Ditting and is replaced by the 807 series. The 804 series will continue to be fully supported and we do have a few units still available.
The 807 replaces the 804 series and fulfills the same requirements with upgraded features, including:
  • A second fan has been added just behind the grinding chamber
  • The motor runs cooler
  • The hopper locking mechanism has been modified for easier removal and replacement
  • Same basic size, with a recommended clearance a cabinet of about 25" to allow for opening and filling the hopper.

The Lab Sweets of each series, 804 and 807, are the same basic design. In the 804 series, the 804 Lab Sweet is a mirrored finish (gorgeous!) with the Sweet discs installed. On the 807 Lab Sweet, the discs are the main difference. It uses a tray instead of a vibrator plate like the KR804 and KR807 models, but the basic body is black or white.

**"Sweet" discs are the same for the 804 and 807 "Sweet" grinders - cast steel, different composite which affects the flavor, bringing out the sweetness of the bean and helping to eliminate bitterness.

Recommended uses:

  • KR models with a vibrator plate are best for grinding into coffee bags and filters
  • Lab and Lab Sweet models are best for grinding into cups, bowls, coffee bags and filters.
    • Lab Sweet grinders seem more popular with home users.



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