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Pros & Cons of a Mobile Coffee Business

Mobile Coffee Carts

Thinking about opening a mobile coffee business? Explore our pros and cons to ensure you have all the information you need to make an educated decision!


  • Simply being mobile! Owning a coffee cart can be extremely flexible and easily fit around any type of lifestyle 
    • Types of mobile businesses include coffee carts, coffee vans, coffee trailers, coffee trucks, coffee kiosks, pop-ups, etc.
  • The flexibility of location - coffee carts aren't locked into one location. They can move from location to location as needed for events, popularity, etc.
    • Additionally, location fees can be much less than a traditional rent/lease agreement
  • Affordability - compared to a traditional coffee shop or cafe, opening a mobile coffee business can be a fraction of the cost to get started
  • Licensing is more affordable as no food license is generally required in most states
  • They require less staffing and other general resources than a brick and mortar businesses
  • They generally require fewer hours of work labor
  • They can offer a great work/life balance
  • You can make significant income in short periods of time
  • Variety! Mobile businesses are often traveling from one location to another which can keep things interesting.

Mobile Coffee Cart Equipment

Pros & Cons of a Mobile Coffee Business


  • It can be challenging to find the right events to attend to maximize profit
  • It can take some time to establish relationships
  • Weather can sometimes play a role in your profitability on any given day
  • Because mobile coffee businesses require less staff, they are also dependent on their owners being on call and available at a moments notice
  • Managing stock of ingredients and packaging can be difficult as you are working in a compact environment 
  • Competition - coffee carts have to compete with large chain companies (Starbucks, Dunkin'), local coffee shops, and other mobile businesses

Mobile Coffee Cart Equipment

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