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Features and Benefits of the Bravura Press

The First Automated Commercial French Press

The following is a guest post from Bravura, a trusted Voltage Coffee Supply partner.

Full Immersion

The oil in coffee is what carries a great majority of the flavor profile and texture; full-immersion keeps them in your coffee. Coffee professionals cup in full-immersion to taste the true product created throughout the specialty coffee chain. From our conservation and husbandry, to harvesting and processing creating the subtle notes, to roasting for profile directive…if we cup in full-immersion to amplify the true nature of the coffee we have created, we should serve our customers the same way.

Energy Saver

At a time when the environment's health is of pique concern and energy costs are rising, you can feel confident knowing that the Bravura Press may lower your energy costs. We have third-party testing that shows significant savings over other 3 liter batch brewers.

Customer Review

"When Covid shut us down, we knew we had to reposition ourselves to appeal to a younger guest. We needed an updated, high-quality product that would be unique in our remodeled/rebranded restaurant. The Bravura Press delivered. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. With the help of the staff at Bravura Press we came up with some creative concoctions and our sales exploded! Our volume continues to grow and the Bravura Press keeps up with us every step of the way. Its a reliable piece of equipment that balances high-quality product and speed." -S. Schuster, SB Pancake House

Revenue Builder

"How do I love thee...let me count thy ways"- Elizabeth Barrett Browning There is more than one reason why Bravura press is a revenue builder: More 3rd-wave drinks can be made faster and demand higher prices. More menu options allow you to capture more customers. Immersion brew is favored in blind taste tests and it can increase customer return and loyalty. It has also been proven in the field to significantly increase revenue at randomly selected client locations. If your other equipment fails, Bravura Press can take over for most all of them...and still perform its own job. Your menu stays up.

Ease of Use

Every restaurateur knows that staff can get overrun with duties, and quite often there is high-turnover because of it. Sometimes this can lead to lower quality in your product, due to their neglect of cleaning equipment. Bravura Press was designed to make the life of the restaurant staff unfettered so they can focus on quality improvements. Over the decades of being roasters we have seen all of this first hand with our clients. Owners were trying to improve their coffee quality but the staff was not cleaning their equipment. Rancid coffee oils would leave the fresh high-grade coffee tasting subpar and unlike what we had cupped in the roastery. Third-wave brewing was growing in popularity as the coffee experts tried anything to brew a better cup. What happened was a lot of one-cup brews, stealing precious time in high-volume cafes. Bravura Press solved the riddle of how to make a third-wave style coffee with minimal effort and time but reach the necessary high-volumes. Bravura Press is easy to clean, as it mainly cleans itself as you prep for the next batch. A quick rinse and you are good to go. The controls are simple for staff: 1/2 pot, full-pot, start. Bravura Press does the rest.


Reputable coffee equipment servicing companies, both large and small have been impressed with the build design of Bravura Press. They appreciate the ease of access to work on the unit, as well as the thoughtful simplicity. It was built strong so that servicers are there for scheduled maintenance, not emergencies, and our customers do NOT face expensive down-time.

Large Volume

In development, high-volume was non-negotiable. We insisted on at least the same volume as our competitors but without an oversized tank of water heating constantly. For our engineers, the challenge was to reach proper temperature and timing without over engineering. We chose the volume for the most popular airpot size of 3 liters. Nine batches per hour without pause. With Bravura Press you have one brewer, but it makes coffee, condensed coffee, tea, spiced drinks, powdered drinks, and broth. Creative. Very Unique.

If you could develop your own brewer, what would you want from it?

  • Best tasting coffee
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple to maintain
  • Large-batch
  • Increased Revenue
  • Energy saving…

And we might as well make it look beautiful enough to be a show at the front of the house!

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